MindArk has realesed a new CryptoCurrency called DeepToken

MindArk has released a new CryptoCurrency called DeepToken


MindArk is an independent video game firm devoted to establishing the 3D Web: a convergence of online games, virtual worlds and 3D social networks. Building on almost two decades of expertise in handling virtual worlds with actual markets, MindArk continues to expand its technology and advancement into the virtual reality space.

Launched in 1999, MindArk has always endeavored to push the bounds inside the digital environment, positioning itself in the forefront of what’s possible on the market.

After the IPX has been launched, MindArk’s vision is to further dominate the digital assets market through the launch of:

• a real estate bank that retains its capital at a crypto token — DeepToken — also acts as a custodian for digital assets and related intellectual property,

• an Accelerator Funding Program. MindArk plans to create a huge ecosystem comprising company developers, associations, token holders, and platform users, through decentralization of the Entropia Universe platform.

Some of the groundwork necessary to attain those goals has already been laid by the MindArk team. But to realize the provider’s ambition, MindArk has developed a roadmap that will observe the sequential delivery of the business’s vision and mission over the next three-five decades.

Most immediately, the token sale scheduled to occur in March 2018 will allow MindArk to raise $100 million USD, which will finance and operationalize the subsequent stages of the provider’s growth.

At the completion of the token sale, the proceeds will be allocated as follows:

• 50 percent — Development of the IPX such as the Entropia Universe growth
• 25% — Marketing and PR
• 5 percent — Business growth (B2B)
• 5 percent — Legal and regulatory
• 10% — Token offering prices (advisers and enablers)
• 5 percent — Contingency fund.

Over the last two decades, MindArk has cemented its position as a company built on technical technical, business, and fiscal experience from across the world. Since the company has grown, MindArk has expanded its wisdom and skill set through a special set of partners and advisers, a lot of whom are essential to the initiation of the DeepToken token sale, and the evolution of the MindArk business program.

Jan Welter Timkrans

Jan is the founder of the Entropia Universe, the Creator of MindArk PE AB, and Chairman of the Board. He has over 40 years of experience in executive leadership positions.

David Simmonds

David was at MindArk since 2005 and worked across the Company. Chief Executive Officer of MindArk involving 2011-2014, David is currently Vice Chairman of the Board and Head of Business Development. Having analyzed the Management and Economics of Innovation in Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, he had been an early adopter of crypto. A fervent gamer Henrik was with MindArk because 2016.

Magnus Eriksson

Magnus is Chief Operations Officer in MindArk. With over 18 years’experience creating computer games, backed up by an MSc in Computer Science, he’s MindArk’s specialist in-game system Design and balancing, in addition to virtual economy theory.

Gunilla Krogh

She’s been at MindArk because 2007, overseeing Know Your Customer/Anti Money Laundering (‘KYC/AML’) procedures in the company and has more than 25 years of experience in finance and accounting.

Entropia Universe

Created in 1999, the Entropia Universe is the corporation’s flagship product and the world’s first free-to-play real money economy, massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

With more than three million registered accounts since inception, the Entropia Universe provides players the ability to take part in a distinctive virtual world where they don’t have any monthly costs and in which they may collect and earn virtual money — ‘Project Entropia Dollars’ (PED) — via in-game actions.

Unlike other MMORPG games on the current market, the Entropia Universe is exceptional because its digital currency is pegged to the US dollar at a rate of 10 PED to $1 USD. Introduced into the game in

The game encourages players to come up with rare skills to support the wider participant community, which they could then exchange to collect PED.

The Entropia Universe has six planets — five of which are owned and operated by independent businesses from all over the world (called ‘world partners’) and a sixth world owned and run by MindArk.

The scale and success of this Entropia Universe means it frequently dominates ‘top-ten’ lists of the most expensive digital assets sold, and it still holds the Guinness World Record for The most precious item ever purchased.

Other products

In accordance with its vision and mission, MindArk’s next phase of expansion will see it grow MindArk’s Intellectual Property Exchange (IPX). After the successful completion of the point, MindArk will appear to develop the MindArk Bank and MindArk’s Accelerator Funding Program.

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