How to make $100 fast and easy. It works EVERY TIME!


How to make $100 fast and easy ? This is the method I use when I need to make a quick cash injection into my business or if I have a holiday or birthday coming up.

It does not give you big profits as you are looking for quick cash but you can still make around $100 profit each time you do this.

This method called “How to make $100 fast and easy”, is based around finding high quality Geo Domains and then approaching businesses in that area that could benefit from the domain name.

You need to look for City Service .Com domain names for services that are popular within a certain area and the city has a large population. An example would be or

The easiest way to do this to use a keyword generator such as I have created a list of some of the main cities in the US ​here​.

Just copy the list of city names and paste them into the keyword mixer like this one –​, along with the service you are looking for and .com.

keywords mixer

Once you click on Generate Keywords you will be given a list of domain names that you can search for to try and find ones that have not been taken.

list of domain names

So, how to make $100 fast and easy?

Now you have a list of domains to search for you need to do a bulk search on them, the best registrar I found for this is DynaDot. Just paste in your list of domain names and select the I entered complete domain names with TLDs option and click search.

Once DynaDot has searched for all of your domains you will see a list of all the domains and which ones are available and which have been taken. You will see the price for any available domain names.

Before you purchase any domain name it is important to see if there is demand for the domain name. The best way to do this is to do a search for the area and service to see how many potential businesses there are that could use the domain name. I like using Yelp for this.

Let’s take as an example, so I go to and search for roofer near huntington beach and I find there are 3857 results for this search.

This is also a great place to get the leads to sell this domain to, I go through each of the listings and get a list of Company names, email addresses, phone numbers and if they currently have a website. You can easily outsource this work to someone on Fiverr.

It is also worth checking out the businesses on google as well just to make sure you are getting all the leads possible.

If you are happy there is enough potential buyers of the domain name it’s time to pick it up and start doing outreach to these businesses. We don’t need to add the domain to all the places you usually would as the goal of this is to make a quick sale.

Start going through your list of potential buyers you created and start emailing them informing them of the domain you have available to them.

How to make $100 fast

That is the simple answer at “How to make $100 fast?” question

Tip: Try to use their first name in the email as they personal touch can help sell them on the new domain name.

Make sure you keep track of all the emails you have sent and send a reminder email every week until the domain is sold or they tell you they are not interested in the domain name.

I find the best time to email business owners is either first thing in the morning or in the evening, as most business owners spend their day doing the work and catch up on emails and admin first thing in the morning and after they have closed in the evening.

Here is a copy​ of the excel sheet I use for storing all potential buyers for the domain and when I have contacted them and if they have responded.

When it comes to reaching out to local business owners I used the following email template for the first outreach, I don’t give away any price I just use it to gage who is interested in the domain name.

I don’t give away a price as sometimes you can get lucky and have multiple people interested and then it becomes a bidding war. Also, what price you sell for will also be affected by the demand for it, if only one person wants and you want a quick sale you might charge $100 for it but if there a number of interested parties $200+ will be a better starting point.


Hello Mr/Mrs/Ms FNAME LNAME,

My name is YOUR NAME and I am the owner of COMPANY NAME, our business is in locating and buying domains for local businesses that would gain more online traffic using a keyword domain name.

As you are probably aware, when people are looking for goods and services in a particular local geographical area they will usually type into Google the name of the service that they need followed by the town or area.

Today I am offering you the opportunity to purchase the domain name I only deal in top level domains and I know that this would be an ideal domain for your business which will add to your bottom line sales while reducing your marketing costs. Even if you already have a website you have this domain as second domain that takes you to your current site so you will have double the exposure.

If this is something of interest to you, please let me know at the earliest opportunity in order to secure this valuable domain for yourself.

Kind regards,


As you can see from the email I am showing them the benefits of the domain name and how it can be useful to them even if they currently have a website already.

For the email subject I usually just use the domain name that I am trying to sell or something like: ​ is now available ​ . I change up the subject link when sending reminder emails just to see if they get more people responding.

This method called “how to make $100 fast and easy“, can also be used for businesses that have the owners name in it such as Rays Pizzas or Mandys Flowers. ​Here​ is a list of popular first names. Use the same method above to create your list of domain names and search for them using DynaDot again.

The difference with this method is it is best to use Google rather than Yelp to find a list of potential buyers as these businesses could be anywhere in the world not just a certain area.

Other places to find potential buyers is Facebook searches, as well as LinkedIn and for certain business types Tripadvisor is also a great place to find potential buyers.

Conclusions on How to make $100 fast and easy

You now have the knowledge you need to start your domaining journey and start making your money online.

Here are some important tips I want to leave you with:

1. Remember to do the research on your domains and always look at it twice, once in the morning then again in the evening before you buy. 2. Be proactive in your selling and you will see the profits come in quickly. 3. Don’t be Greedy, get a good price for your domain and then move on. 4. Scale quickly by reinvesting at least 50% of all sales.

By taking action on what you have learnt in this “How to make $100 fast” tutorial you can create a new source of income for yourself that can help you move into a life of online freedom.

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