Top 10 Best PPC Traffic Sources Available Online

Top 10 Best PPC Traffic Sources Available Online


This article want to show you the best 10 sites for PPC advertising available online at this moment. This is the first article that we come up with from a list of six . Our main purpose is to show  here the complete list of PPC sites availalable online at this moment. Stay focused on our blog for following articles.

1. Google AdWords : Google AdWords is Google’s online advertising service that displays clickable ads on Google’s search results. The ads appear to the web users based on the keywords, cookies, and a few other metrics predefined by the advertisers and the latter have to pay when someone clicks on the ads.

Google AdWords show the ads on the very moment when someone searches on Google for the things advertisers offer. The service offers numerous benefits to businesses 1/41(aka advertisers) so they can attract customers and grow their sales. Whether a business needs visitors to their new websites, increasing their online sales, growing presence to the targeted customers, or keeping customers engaged, this platform can help.

Plus, the service offers the option of displaying ads targeted to customers from certain cities, regions, or countries.

2. Bing Ads : Almost similar to Google AdWords, Bing Ads is an online advertising system. The joint venture of Microsoft and Yahoo is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform that allows advertisers to run their ad campaigns based on keywords and some other metrics and show these ads to web users who search on Bing, Yahoo, or AOL with those keywords.

The ads can be configured so that the customers can call the business or go to their website. You can choose them to be area specific too so that they will be displayed only to your targeted customers.

You can sign up free for Bing Ads and start your campaigns with any budget. However, the best things about this service are that you can import your ad campaigns from Google AdWords and your ads will be shown on three search engines – Yahoo, Bing, and AOL.

3. Miva: San Diego-based, Miva is an ecommerce shopping cart software and hosting company. It offers businesses a complete ecommerce solution helping them to increase their conversion rate, growing sales, fulfilling B2B business needs, and more.

Miva Merchant is a CMS platform that allows businesses to build their own website and customize it. It helps you with managing inventory, processing orders, and checkout. Miva Merchant stores provide your customers with a top-notch online shopping experiences through mobile-friendly designs and built-in features that show customers discounts, correct shipping options, products availability, configurable products, and many more.

Miva Merchant platform is also great for high volume transactions and back office integration.

4. 7Search : 7Search is a PPC advertising network that helps advertisers marketing their campaigns to their targeted online audience. A smaller network like 7Search can effectively help you increase your traffic and maximize your profits on PPC traffic source.

The platform works as a connecting hub between advertisers who want their products or services to be displayed to their preferred audiences and publishers who need top-quality ads to engage their open ad positions. The platform has a broad network including third-party websites, widely popular niche websites, and a bunch of vertical search engines that allow your ads to be placed on high profile and high-traffic websites across the Internet.

You can define the metrics and 7Search will use them to place your ads in front of relevant audiences. The service is very effective if you want wide promotion of your products, to drive high volume of traffic to your websites, or increase the sales of your products or services.

5. LookSmart:  LookSmart will take your ads beyond the major search engines, which means your products and services will be exposed to a greater number of audiences. Founded in 1997, the American online advertising and technology company provides premium quality advertising solutions for advertisers and publishers. It has a search advertising platform and a syndicated network through which its advertisers can run PPC text ad campaigns.

LookSmart customers gain extensive reach into audiences and are immensely benefitted from the company’s effective traffic optimization strategies.

The company also has its own tools and strategies to filter invalid traffic, remove non-converting traffic, ensure traffic quality, catch unusual activities, detect automated fraudulent activities, and many more. In the case of publishers, LookSmart offers them a dedicated, white label ad service that actively helps them monitor, manage, and control their advertising revenue.

6. AdKnowledge:  What type of ads does your business need? AdKnowledge is ready to provide you with every kind of service your business needs to thrive online. It is simply a one-stop shop for a wide variety of ads. It has an arsenal of different tools and is armed with various services that can provide solutions for the most complex digital marketing riddles and meet the requirements of the most demanding advertisers.

AdKnowldge will drive massive traffic to your business and increase your brand awareness through AdParlor that is a data drive advertising service that reaches your customers on social media precisely, AppFocus that increases engagement to your site, and AdBistro that effectively provides verified traffic to publishers’ sites.

It also has AdStation that offers effectual solutions for increasing your mobile audiences and GiantMedia that helps attract huge traffic by seeding native videos on top websites.

In a word, AdKnowledge will equip you with every tool so that you can exceed your ROI goals.

7. Affinity : Affinity is a contextual advertising company that displays your ads beyond search engines. They can help you boost your traffic and increas your online popularity with in-search, incontent, and in-domain advertising, which can deliver more than 30 billion ad impressions per month from Australia, Western Europe, North America, South-East Asia, India, and Middle East.

Affinity can provide a powerful solution for bagging extra leads and sales from those users who don’t even use the traditional search media. It becomes possible due to the company’s partnerships with various monetization product companies and premier publisher properties.

Affinity serves the advertisers with a high performance network that boosts business by reaching into new, previously unreached traffic along with providing the customers with greater control over their campaigns.

8. IndustryBrains:  IndustryBrains is a popular performance advertising media that serves both advertisers and publishers with exclusive advertising and monetization services. The platform is lucrative for the marketers as it can generate great advertising results through the use of proper keyword search and relevant, on-topic editorial targeting.

The marketing solutions provided by IndustryBrains are budget friendly and super impactful. They use account management tools and insightful reports to display PPC ads to interested buyers. The ads will also appear on the premium websites of leading publishers, helping the advertisers to reach those customers who are likely to take action.

IndustryBrains has huge traffic of more than 200 million users and their ads have the potential of high conversion because they use only premium national and local sites and pertinent in-content placements for the display of ads.

9. AdMarketplace: AdMarketplace is a search advertising marketplace that is suitable for large agencies, big search advertisers, and wellestablished online publishers. It shows ads in the exact platforms where the users search with a specific keyword or name of a product or service.

AdMarketplace takes the game beyond the search engines and helps marketers reach a vast number of untapped traffic by showing ads based on users’ searches on a vast number of vertical outside engines to find products and information.

The platform allows advertisers drawing better ad performances through the use of trusted ad placement across an extensive network of in-app and on-site publishers, providing exert assistance to maximize ROI, and the chance to optimize bids by predicting conversion rate. It also allows advertisers to place their bids based on individual traffic source and device type.

10.FindItQuick : Online advertising is one of the most popular advertising forms and FindItQuick has taken it to a new level by providing handy solutions for promoting your business and services. With PPC advertising and publishing programs, they spread your ads every corner of the Internet through their large traffic network.

FindItQuick understands that every business has its unique needs and demands. So, they offer three different advertising options to choose from – MetroReach, MyReach, and MaxReach.

MetroReach is a daily deal advertising option where an advertiser will choose a daily deal and FindItQuick will send that deal to thousands of local customers. The option is perfect for businesses that need to attract a horde of new customers.

MyReach is a low-budget PPC advertising option that lets the customers set the metrics and control their ad campaigns. MaxReach is an optimized PPC advertising option that makes use of a couple of advanced strategies to provide higher performance.

You haven’t heard of some PPC alternatives listed above, haven’t you? I am pretty sure about it! 🙂

Keep focused on our blog for the next days ’cause we have even more 50 PPC alternatives to show you! Because internet is a VAST and marvellous world! Keep in touch!

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