10 More PPC Traffic Sources Available Online

10 More PPC Traffic Sources Available Online


This article is a follow up for Top 10 Best PPC Traffic Sources Available Online. We bring you another 10 sites that offers good opportunities for PPC advertising.

11.Facebook Ads

The great things about Facebook Adverts are that they are precisely targeted and ultra actionable – two features that any advertiser would love in their social media ad campaigns. You can expect achieving your business goals with highly converting ads that reach different audiences targeted according to various metrics such as location, age, interests, and more set by you.

Facebook has a traffic base of 1.4 billion with 900 million users visiting the platform per day. Plus, these active users spend a lot of time and engage in various activities in Facebook. So, your ads on this platform will reach people who are likely to take real actions – which means generating real results for your business. Plus, the ads can be optimized to reach the people who use Facebook on mobile devices.

You will be able to control and manage your ads through Adverts Manager – setting up various constraints such as budget, time period, locations, etc. and deciding when to pause or terminate the campaigns.

12. POF Ads

POF (PlentyOfFish) Ads is a popular ad platform where you can make your ads reach a huge audience consisting of millions of users. The platform offers precise targeting features by which the advertisers can easily drive loads of leads and increase their revenues significantly.

You can take advantage of local targeting too based on zip code, profession, gender, age, educational status, etc. The stable traffic source of POF is a boon for the business of CPA and affiliate marketers.

However, POF has recently stopped accepting new advertisers for an indefinite period in order to help existing affiliates succeed. So, the only way to enter the platform is to manage an used account from an existing user.

13.Reddit Ads

Reddit Ads is a self-serve platform where advertisers get the chance to display their ads in front of 234 million Reddit users who are highly passionate and actively engaged. The viewers can be targeted based on their demographic, the communities they are involved with, and their interests.

The advertisers can use video, text, and image on their Reddit ads to make them more attractive and interactive. The chance of your ads to thrive on Reddit is very high because Reddit users are very active – they regularly participate in more than 10,000 communities and cast more than 21 million votes per day.

The Reddit ads have to be bought by an auction-based system where your placed bid determines the cost you are willing to pay for per thousand impressions.

14. Linkedin Ads

Linkedin is super-effective advertising platform if the goal of your ad campaigns is to promote them to professional audiences related to your business. The platform has the world’s largest audience for active, influential professionals. So, Linkedin Ads are the right option for B2B business promotion.

You can set up your own budget and define your B2B targeting by means of variables such as industry, company size, job title, job function, and seniority. The platform offers you two ad format options – text & image ads and sponsored updates.

Text ads will allow you generating business leads from Linkedin audiences while sponsored updates will drive targeted traffic to your business through promoting your content across all types of devices – PC, mobile, and tablet. The good thing about the system is you can launch your campaigns in minutes and terminate them at any time without being committed to long-term contracts.

15. Propel Media

Propel Media is a popular platform for Display Advertising and Contextual Textlink. It offers the advertisers a great inventory and effective resources where their ads perform better with high-quality traffic and interactive interface armed with detailed analytics and useful tools.

The platform serves its advertisers with better quality traffic compared to other PPC ad providers. You are guaranteed to generate handsome profits and market beating ROI due to well-targeted ad placements, highly competitive CPCs, competitive pricing, multiple optimization features, and an interactive audience with high purchase tendency.

Running business since 2016, Propel Media is a trusted name to many affiliates, agencies, and direct advertisers.


16. AdOn Network

AdOn Network is the ideal solution for those advertisers who like to utilize a few out-of-the box methods to reach their targeted customers. The premier online Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising platform provides advertising solutions by allowing advertisers to place their ads in different formats and drive traffic from various sources.

AdOn Network serves the advertisers with three types of ads – Text Ads, Email Ads, and Direct Display Advertising. Known as sponsored listings, Text Ads are easy to customize and requires you pay only when a user clicks the hyperlinked ad. Email Ads are sent to the users through an email and displayed as banner graphics. On the other hand, Direct Display Ads directly drive users to your landing page without requiring them to click any ads.

Depending on the type of your business and your requirements, you can choose from AdOn Network’s high-quality conversion, TQ, or video preview traffics. It can also help in increasing your monthly visitors, page views, decrease bounce rate, and other metrics needed for your website.

17. MediaTraffic

MediaTraffic is an excellent platform for driving targeted local and international traffic to your websites. It uses CPV Contextual Advertising system to thrive your business whether you are an affiliate marketer, professional media buyer, or an ad agency operator.

The platform is ideal if you are looking for a system for launching easy, customizable, and highly effective ad campaigns for efficient and successful Internet marketing. You will be handed over the full control of your campaigns and your dedicated account manager will offer you all kinds of assistance for campaign optimization.

You can buy Broad Targeted, Highly Targeted, or Run of Network (RON) traffic from MediaTraffic to drive quality visitors to your business. It already has a pool of 15 million opt-in users and offers greater ad visibility, higher ROI, and budget-friendly options of buying traffic and running campaigns.

18. DirectCPV

DirectCPV is a premier CPV and PPV advertising network that allows advertisers to precisely target and optimize their ads by the use of relevant keywords, optimized URLs, and desired locations and channels. You can expect more conversion, higher ROI, and more income with the performance-guaranteed system of DirectCPV.

The platform arguably offers the best value for your money as the minimum cost for run of network advertising can reach to $0.004 and URL, keyword, and category campaigns can reach to just $0.015. Plus, you can start any campaign with an initial fund of $100 – which will suitably fit the budget of any online marketing campaign.

DirectCPV offers you real-time statistics so that you can manage and control your ad campaigns more effectively. They also offer several marketing tools and software to help the advertisers find the right traffic and extend their reach.

19. Clicksor

Clicksor is a contextual advertising platform that offers advertisers everything they need to make their ad campaigns successful – precisely targeted ads, high quality traffic, maximum coverage, big data, real time report, and an excellent 24/7 customer service.

It is a brilliant platform to maximize your ROI because they ensure that your ads are displayed to the relevant audience at the right time. Plus, the company boasts of converting more than 1 million quality leads and offering more than 3 billion impressions per month.

Clicksor has access to more than 150 thousands publisher networks where advertisers can place their highly optimized ads in front of quality traffic that converts. You can choose from a wide selection of ad formats that are guaranteed to reach your targeted audience irrespective of what browsers or devices they use. Plus, their big data and real-time reports will allow you to optimize and manage your campaigns more efficiently.


20. AdBlade

AdBlade is a premium advertising company that offers its client a content-style ad platform. The advertisers will have various facilities such as an extensive reach of targeted audience, brand-safe assurance, a highly responsive premium inventory, and proprietary ad units. The service is perfect for driving huge traffic and boosting the ROI of your business.

AdBlade is a perfect solution for top ad agencies that need first-rate traffic and premium content sites for the exposure of their business. The platform has a premium inventory of more than thousand branded sites and most trusted news sites where active and converting traffic visits and engages regularly. Your ads have potential to reach more than 300 million monthly users.

Plus, you will be equipped with standard ad units, targeting and retargeting of ads, and robust reporting so that you can target best prospects at larger scales.

Stay tunned on our blog for even more PPC traffic sources available online.

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