Never Fail Affiliate Selling Formula

Never Fail Affiliate Selling Formula


This is my ‘Go To’ ‘Never Fail’ formula for all my Ads, Landing Pages, Emails …everything. Every single piece of promotional material will include this formula. Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes you have to look for it, but I promise you it’s there.

When you can align somebodies’ dreams and aspirations (Status) with the product or offer you’re promoting, that’s when your affiliate commissions will start to sky rocket. I first heard Perry Belcher teach this and it flat out never fails me…ever.

Here it is:

offer you’re promoting

Ugly Ads Still Work

If you think you need professionally designed polished ads even in today’s world, in 2021, to work, you’d be wrong. Ugly Ads still work. I’m not sure of the exact reason why, but my guess is people trust a less polished / professionally look more than something that looks too slick.

If something is too polished or too professional, it screams “I’m being marketed at” to anyone who see’s them and they are less likely to click.


My Favourite Ads From My Personal Swipe File

I use a tool called WhatRunsWhere to find all the Ads and Creatives that top affiliates are running right now in their campaigns. It helps me keep up.

Sidenote: When I mention “Creatives” just assume I’m talking about Ads.

Whilst WhatRunsWhere doesn’t give you exact metrics, you can sort by “most frequently seen” over any given period of time. You can also sort by Vertical or Niche. Eg: Show me all the Ads that have been running for 3 months or more in the Weight loss Vertical.

The logic here is that, I’m making the assumption that if an Affiliate keeps spending money on the same Ad and running it over and over for an extended period of time, it’s safe to assume that Ad must be working for them. Because why else would they continue to spend money on an Ad that isn’t giving them a solid return on the money they’re spending on it?

And believe me, I know of Affiliates spending $100K+ per month on Ads. So with that being said, here are some of my favourite ads that are successful for the affiliates running them (and yes, these are all affiliate Ads):

affiliate Ads

affiliate Ads1

affiliate Ads2

Clickbank Order Form Country Trick

This one is so unbelievably simple that I wish I thought of it myself. I was first told about this by a friend of mine, a very successful traffic guy called Reed Floren. Clickbank processes 10’s of millions of dollars in orders every year. And Clickbank actually tells you what their most popular counties are to target on their Order Forms. All you have to do, is go to any Clickbank order form and simple toggle the following box:

Clickbank Order Form Country Trick

And as you can see, in that dropdown Clickbank actually tells us what countries are popular as in, what countries the majority of their sales come from. According to their enormous catalogue of data, these are the most commonly requested countries for translation.

TIP: Clickbank isn’t the only place you can do this, this will work for Paypal forms, JVZOO…pretty much any company that process high volume orders will show you this.

Now armed with this knowledge, we can target these countries in our Ads for much cheaper clicks than uber-competitive countries like the USA and UK. As you can see from the screenshot above the most common languages/countries (besides Tier 1 English speaking ones are):


Let’s break these languages down and find all the countries we can target that predominantly speak in each of these languages:

Costa Rica

Average cost per click:
Facebook: $0.33c – $0.52c


Average cost per click:
Facebook: $0.36c – $0.89c


Average Cost Per Click:
Facebook: $0.11c – $0.89c


Average Cost Per Click:
Facebook: $0.17c – $0.41c

As you can see, some of these countries have very cheap traffic! It might be worthwhile targeting some of them.

TIP: I’m an affiliate in the Fitness industry mostly and one of my highest converting countries is Brazil.

14 ‘Quick Win’ Commission Boosters

Each of the following I’ve used myself with varying degrees of effectiveness. Meaning, some work better than others. You can use these standalone or you can mix & match, I recommend you only use a maximum of 2 in any single marketing piece (Website, Ad, Email etc..).

1. Email Marketing: use 3 call to action Hyperlinks in your emails. Top, Middle and Bottom. For ultra short emails, don’t use more than two or your emails will end up in spam.

2. Despite what you’ll hear that weekends are a bad time to email offers, I’ve found Saturdays to be my best performing days with around 12% extra sales coming on this day compared with the rest of the week.

3. Use Fake Play Button Videos in your emails & landing pages, especially if you’re sending them to a VSL – Video Sales Letter. It can jack up clicks by 50% or more. However make sure the VSL they land on is Auto-play. Don’t make them click again.

4. According to my testing text hyperlinks get more clicks than Buttons.

5.Retarget users who don’t optin to your squeeze pages the first time. You’ll rescue 25% of them.

TIP: This is a super powerful strategy, refer to the video inside the members area as I discus strategy this in detail)

6. Use words like: You & You’re in your copy as much as possible. People respond and engage more when you make it about them.

7. Use Exit-Intent Popups as much as you can. (Don’t use them on pages if you’re running Facebook or Google Ads traffic though, they will penalise you)

8. Use Comparison tables with Cheap, Middle & Expensive options. 30% will buy the expensive option just because it’s there, regardless of price or how expensive it is.

9. Use testimonials of the product you’re promoting in your own emails, landing pages & Ads. You can lift these from the sales letters of the product you’re promoting. Just make sure you don’t use these testimonials for an entirely different product, that would be unethical.

10. Faq’s Double Conversions. Answer any objections your customers might have like shipping, Format i.e is it video or PDF format. The idea here, is that you should anticipate any questions your customers might have and answer them right there and then.

11. Using Countdown timers on your squeeze page can increase response by as much as 29% more optins.

12. Try to use Funny but relevant images in your facebook ads, they get shared around more and can increase your affiliate sales by as much as 20%.

13. When running Ads on pretty much any Ad network, turn OFF mobile targeting. People generally don’t make buying decisions on their phones, you’ll be wasting money. Unless your offer is Mobile specific. This one thing alone can cut your ad costs in half.

14. When sending emails to your list, make sure you have your name in the ‘from’ field and NOT your company name. People buy from people not companies…(unless your HP, Coca-Cola or Nike). Another added bonus, is your email is much more likely to land in their inbox and not their junk folder and they are statistically TWICE as likely to open it.

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