How to build your freaking list

How to build your freaking list


Don’t question it, just DO IT. When I first started back in Xmas 2011, all I was doing right up until summer 2014 was sending traffic directly to the vendor (product owner), and the best I could hope for was someone would click my link, visit the website and they would buy first time. And I did “ok” doing this.

But I could have done a helluva lot better. I mean, exponentially better. Because I wasn’t capturing their email address FIRST, I had no arbitrary way of selling them other offers.

In other words they were clicking my link and buying first time (most don’t) or they were GONE, never to be seen again. It’s by far my one single biggest mistake, I spent 3 and half years with NO list and making no attempt to build one. Massive mistake!

The second mistake I made is, I didn’t sell to my list often enough.I was afraid to sell to them. That means my Return On Investment (ROI) SUCKED. I didn’t want to be seen as jerk.

Someone who just sends out crappy emails with sentences inside it and link to buy every single day. I didn’t want to be THAT guy. But guess what I learned, if you don’t sell to your list often enough, what happens is the EXACT opposite of what you actually want to happen.

You train your list to literally NOT buy from you. The result?

When you do actually send out a promo email (selling) guess what?.. Nobody buys. Because you’ve literally trained them NOT to.

So here’s the main idea I want you to understand from this – Don’ be afraid to sell. The sole purpose of building an email list is to build strong relationships with your subscribers AND make money from your list.

If you want to make money from your list, then you got to start selling in email. And often. I don’t mean hammer your list. I mean you don’t want to be under-selling.

I try to send out 3 useful emails (non promo) before I send out a full promo email. If there’s one tip I could offer you at this point, it would be to get good at writing promotional emails. I send out emails every 2-3 days.

I want my list to be expecting email from me. Mail too little and your subscribers will forget you. You’re probably wondering… wouldn’t sending out too many promo emails cause the unsubscribe rate to go up?… Yeah but..

Just trust me on this…

Unsubscribe rate is just a part of email marketing. No matter what you do, how cool you are, you’re going to get people unsubscribe. And to be honest, if they don’t want to hear from you anymore they ain’t buying from you anyway.

My idea of promoting an offer to my list is that I am simply recommending something that can be useful to them. I don’t use the word “buy” or sound aggressive in getting people to buy the product.

I simply recommend by saying something like this, “Hey, I came across ABC, it’s a brilliant way to XYZ, if you are interested, learn more here…”.

PRO TIP: I wouldn’t ever recommend something I wouldn’t use myself. That’s a good rule of thumb to follow. Don’t email anything out you wouldn’t use yourself.

Below is a copy of one of my promo emails, this particular promotion made me a whopping $500+ in affiliate commission.

Subject: Why most Bodybuilding Advice sucks

Most Bodybuilding “experts” talk about theories…I’m more
into modeling.

Find someone who has something I want, and then just model
what they DO, not what they say.

I got lucky enough to break down some really key stuff that I
think will help you with your Bodybuilding efforts from one of
the top bodybuilders in the world.

Check it out here:

James Hendriksen
P.S Only check it out if you are genuinely ready to take action on what he shares.

Look at how I simply just recommend this product and not trying too hard to sell anything. I didn’t tell my subscribers to click the link and buy, I told them very briefly why most bodybuilding advice is bad.

I then told them to go and check out what a pro bodybuilder had to say. Lastly, I told my readers to go view this page only if they are indeed interested and ready to take action. Again, this is so I don’t come off as selling too aggressively.

Overall, always try to recommend quality products to your email list. This way, everyone wins: you make money, the seller is happy, and your subscriber is happy with purchasing a quality product. Sell in your emails!

I guarantee, if you do this ONE thing above all else, that is build an email list (like we’ve just discussed), your affiliate sales will come naturally. A very successful Affiliate Marketer who’s made over $20M in Affiliate sales said once: “If you find an offer that works, keep mailing it until it stops selling!”

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