Why Salespeople Don’t Need A CRM To Manage Their Leads

Why Salespeople Don’t Need A CRM To Manage Their Leads


Do you get frustrated with your regular CRM? You probably spend endless hours filling out forms and paperwork with uncritical information on your customers. This takes you away from your main goal of prospecting and closing new business. Instead of a CRM what you need is lead management software like You Don’t Need a CRM.

Here is why salespeople don’t need a CRM and should use Lead Management software instead:

Capture Leads From Multiple Sources To Grow Your Sales Pipeline

A salesperson gets leads from multiple sources such as business cards at events, leads from emails, or from entering information on a website contact form. The problem with most CRMs is that there is no elegant way to capture leads from different sources. Most resort to manual data entry which takes up time.

You don’t need a CRM captures easily information from all of these sources and puts them all in one place so you don’t waste time with manual data entry.

Improve Your Prospecting Output – Process All Your Leads In One Place

Do you have to switch between software to manage your unqualified and qualified prospects? With lead management software you can speed up the process of building your pipeline by processing them all in one place. You can work separately on your prospects and your qualified leads with just one tool.

Manage Your Leads To Prevent Leaks In Your Pipeline

The follow-up process in most CRMS is clunky and unstreamlined. Lead management software streamlines the process with the following features:

Synchronize reminders with your calendar
Streamlined sales management using two status options “stand-by and To-do ”
Customized pipelines for specific services and products
Tags to stay on top of deals
Lead scoring by using the star system

Team Management and Collaboration

CRMS often make it difficult to share data such as contact lists. Lead management software makes this easy. You can share comments, messages, and contact lists and assign leads to specific users.
You can also manage privacy settings to give access rights to certain people and teams. Also, lead management software lets you analyse your team performance using better metrics.

As you can see, salespeople don’t need a CRM to handle their leads. They just need good lead management software that will capture leads from multiple sources, process them all in one place, provide lead management features, and make it easy to collaborate with teams.

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