Entropia Universe - What is the Entropia Pocket System?

Entropia Universe – What is the Gold Card System ?


The players of Entropia Universe can secure their account through the Gold Card system. This security system is valid for all players, regardless they operate on NextIsland, Rocktropia, Calypso or any other planet in the game. Download Entropia Universe here!

Although it was released a few years ago, and the security of Entropia accounts can be ensured by the much newer Entropia Pocket, the Gold Card System is still being used by some players.

Both Gold Card and Entropia Pocket provide extra security, all Entropia accounts being already secured and protected by security systems deployed at the platform level.

The Gold Card System consists of a card and a card reader that generate a unique password, helping both to secure and protect your account against a virus that can affect the system.

How do I purchase the Gold Card System?

With the implementation of the Entropia Pocket system, a mobile device application, the Gold Card System has been withdrawn from sales, but it is still active because used by a large number of Entropia Universe players. The Gold Card System could be purchased from the Trade Terminal / Real World Item section and costed 200 PEDs. Its components were shipped to the address used by the player in order to edit the account details.

How do I use my Entropia Universe Gold Card?

Immediately after the Gold Card activation, logging into Entropia Universe account is made with your ID and password, and then another window opens where the password displayed on the card reader must be entered. This password is generated by inserting the card into the card reader and is used for a single login. Every time the player wants to login into the Entropia Eniverse account, a new password has to be generated.

It is important to mention that once the Gold Card or Entropia Pocket system is installed, the access to Entropia Universe account is done only with the passwords generated by these two security systems.

How to deactivate the Gold Card System attached to an Entropia Universe account?

Since the Gold Card System offers high security to any account that is installed, this system can not be deactivated by the user, but only by the customer support department. In this regard, the players can log into the account on the site and send a support ticket. The Gold Card code is required for all other sections of the account (‘My items’, ‘Deposit’, ‘Account info’ and so on).

If for other reasons the players can not access the Entropia Universe account,  they can contact the support department to discuss with Live Support department or access Support Contact / Send a message.

Known errors:

  • Error 72

This error appearrs when the card reader cannot read the card properly. This error can be caused by dust, in which case it is recommended an easy dust removal. Another cause may be the card reader battery. It is advisable to contact the support department for any malfunction of the system.

  • I have generated too many passwords with my Gold Card and now I am unable to login

In this case, it is recommended to generate 2 passwords and add these passwords in a Support Case. This way, the customer support department will resynchronize your card. However, it is forbidden to generate other passwords until you have received the support department response.

  • I have lost my Gold Card

The responsibility for the components of the system and for its use lies with the player. If the system or one of its components is lost, the player must contact the customer support department.




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